About Box 2 Media

 After a decade of covering business for publications like The Guardian, Financial Times and BBC, Chris founded Box 2 Media in 2018. The purpose was simple – to create, commission and publish powerful content that would help connect businesses to the right audience.

The name “Box 2 Media” was inspired by the second box on the Eisenhower Matrix, a system that helps to prioritise tasks and improve efficiency. Box two looks specifically at how strategic and long-term thinking can impact a business. In that box, you won’t find quick fixes or trends to follow. Instead, it focuses on the future and what you want to develop.

Our content and events are structured around this principle. At Box 2 Media, we give businesses the space to plan, debate ideas and consider how their businesses are going to develop.

We want everything we do to to inspire action. Whether it’s registering for a course, signing up for an email or subscribing to a service, we’re the first step on a much bigger journey.

Get in touch!

We’re a small friendly team who are always ready to talk business – especially if you’ve brought biscuits.

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